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Welcome to the Atlas Fencing Technology website.

Atlas Fencing is an independent provider of 2 technologies related to the fencing sport:

Scoring Devices

Video Refereeing & streaming 

You will find more information on these two technologies by following the respective links.

Our Mission:

Atlas VideoRef used during WorldCup Epee in Johannesburg

Atlas VideoRef was successfully used during the WorldCup Epee in Johannesburg.

We used a Parani BlueTooth connection with the Favero FA-07. Avermedia ExtremeCap U3 capture devices were used to connect to the cameras.


Atlas VideoRef supports Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

VideoRef now supports  Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. This video capture device requires a USB3.0 connection and recent USB3.0 drivers.

Both HDMI and Component video input are supported.

VideoRef now supports Virtual Scoring Machine over network

VideoRef can now work the Virtual Scoring Machine (VSM) see
The VSM can communicate with VideoRef over a wired or wireless network.

New video devices supported

VideoRef now also supports Logitech C920 HD Webcam and Avermedia ExtremeCap U3 (CV710) and Avermedia Live Gamer Portable (C875).

I would recommend the use of the Avermedie CV710. It requires USB3 but it requires much less capturing overhead than the the C875.

Live Streaming World Cup Sabre Madrid

We will be Live streaming the World Cup Sabre in Madrid.

Follow us on :




Atlas VideoRef used at 6th Grote Prijs Stad Leuven

Atlas VideoRef was used at the 6th "Grote Prijs Stad Leuven" on October 13th in Leuven, Belgium.

VideoRef was used from the T4 onwards on 2 pistes during this international Sabre competition for men and women cadets and seniors.


Atlas Scoring Device in Open Source

We are planning to release the basic schematics and firmware of the Atlas Scoring device in the public domain.

Atlas Videoref now supports full length bout recordings

In the past, Videoref make one clip per action. The main advantage is that this makes it easy to only keep interesting actions for later reviewing. This is typically used when assembling a video exam for referees.

Next to this, we now have also one single continuous recording. This makes it easy to post videos to the web (e.g. through Youtube)

Atlas videoref no longer requires firewire cameras

We have succesfully adapted the main Videoref software such that also HD video capturers like Avermedia's DarkCrystal HD capture station can now be used. So having (difficult to find) cameras with IEEE1394 (aka Firewire) interface is no longer required. Practically any good HD capture device combined with any HD camera will do the job.

As a consequence expensive (>400€) FireWire extention sets can be replaced by much cheaper USB-2 extention cables.


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